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Manual Torque Multiplier - LKV-12 Series - GEDORE (LKV12)

Manual Torque Multiplier - LKV-12 Series - GEDORE (LKV12)


Small, easy to handle, light but rugged

The smallest torque multiplier in this series is particularly suitable for maintenance purposes and in workshops. The little power packet has been reduced to the smallest possible dimensions without losing any robustness or torque power. It is equipped with an offset reaction arm and can be retrofitted with a straightreaction arm.
The sun gear acts as a predetermined breaking point if the device is overloaded. This protects both the operator and the device. The sun gear can be easily and rapidly replaced by the operator. Assembly and cost outlay remain low.

The optimal on-board tool

The LKV-12 has small dimensions and can fit in a pocket. This device is highly suitable for use as an on-board tool in utility or construction site vehicles. It can be stored in the vehicle in a stable transport case. Due to the minimum lubrication of the gear unit, the device is essentially temperature-independent
and can be operated without problems even at freezing temperatures.


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