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Gate Valve Wrench - GEDORE (LDES)
  • Gate Valve Wrench - GEDORE (LDES)
  • Gate Valve Wrench - GEDORE (LDES)
  • Gate Valve Wrench - GEDORE (LDES)

Gate Valve Wrench - GEDORE (LDES)


Robust battery technology for gate valve wrenches

The cordless gate valve wrench battery equipment is a real highlight under the gate valve wrenches.
Battery-operated but just as strong as a mains-based AC wrench, it provides a powerful breakaway torque of max. 900 Nm. Even with this design, the torque can be reduced during operation without reducing the speed until the best possible security is achieved for the gate valve and operator.

Flexible maintenance work and pipe network maintenance

From now on, you can work with your gate valve wrench whenever you want, wherever you want and as long as you want to. Ourgate valve wrenches work with lithium ion technology (Li-Ion) instead of
conventional nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd). These are characterised by 100% more operating time per charge compared to Ni-Cd batteries. This provides you with peak performance during the entire usage time without speed or torque loss.

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