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Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)
  • Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)
  • Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)
  • Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)
  • Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)

Air Tool Combo Kit, 71pcs (WF-016)

65 € +VAT (77 €)
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71 pcs Air Tool Combo Kit



    Technical parameters:
    Article No.: WF-016
    Model: WFI-1070|WFH-1040|WFG-1210|WFR-1060
    Max. Torque: 312Nm| - | -  |61Nm
    Free speed (RPM): 7 000 /min|4500 /min|25 000 /min|150Nm
    Average air consumption: 141 l/min|113 l/min|113 l/min|141 l/min
    Air pressure: 90 Psi / 6,3 bar
    Shipping volume: 290x470x12 mm
    Weight: 9,0 kg


    1pc 1/2" air impact wrench (WFI-1070),

    1pc 150mm air hammer (WFH-1040),

    1pc 1/4" air die grinder (WFG-1210),

    1pc 3/8" air ratchet wrench (WFG-1060),

    1pc mini air blow gun,

    1pc oil pot,

    8pcs 1/2" Dr CR-V sockets (1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 17mm each),

    1pc 1/2" to 3/8" Dr socket adapter,

    1pc 1/8" collet,

    1pc female quick coupler,

    1pc bits holder,

    1pc 5/32 Allen wrench,

    1pc spring retainer,

    1pc PTFE tape,

    1pc female thread quick coupling plug,

    3pcs 120mm chisels,

    1pc tire chuck,

    1pc blow gun nozzle adapter,

    1pc high pressure nozzle tip,

    5pcs male thread quick coupling plug,

    5pcs 1/4" mounted grinding stone,

    5pcs 1/8" grinding stones,

    1pc sanding drum,

    10pcs  3/4" sanding paper rolls,

    1pc rubber nozzle tip,

    1pc high pressure nozzle tip,

    1pc safety nozzle tip,

    9pcs screw driver bits (#2*2, #3, T-10, T-15, T-20, 3/16"*2, 1/4"),

    2pcs solid wrenches,

    2pcs inflating needles,

    1pc blow mold case

    Article No.
    9 kg/pc